Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Adam Ant

So here I am .. again.. in this obsessive phase.. I mean really .. I get in these oods where i have to have EVERYTHING and thast is now..

My latest obsession is buying all that is Adam Ant.

How did i get here? Well I ran into Essential Adam Ant in Orange County last week.. I picked it up .. wanted to get back to my 80's music. I have been listening to the local 80's station quite frequently lately... so here i was with my new Adam Ant CD.

I;ve been listening to it 24/7 since then. and now i have also ordered from Amazon.com, bout 6 more of his CD's and bidding on a couple of his LP's, to which i have no record player.. and a couple of his DVD's...which they say that are universal brand and will fit in any DVD player.. if not I"ll be ticked.. grrr

So yes, really want the VHS tape i ordered on amazon.com.had all his videos on it..

Well i ordered it on the 4th .. so i really hope it gets here soon.

I still think he's hot.. *sighh* hurry up video.. get heeere!

ok .. going back to studying.. have test tonight..

wish me luck :)



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