Saturday, March 26, 2005

Deadly Bagels

Ok totally not kidding here. Third timeI have choked on a bagel, totally thought I was going to have to do the Heimlach on myself.. couldnt breathe and was trying very hard to get it back up my throat cause it was stuck in my windpipe and nothing could get by... very scary :(

I think it is time to get that radioactive iodine.. I can see it now.. "She died from a bite of bagel because she didnt get her thryoid treatment.. shall we pull the plug?"

Yes, pull the plug. I dont want to be kept alive by any artificial means if my brain is gone. If I had severe brain damage and i coudlnt feed myself, disconnect me.

I think it might have the same tunrout as the Terri Schiavo case. My parents are catholic. but I think after 15 years they would think its all over.

OK I asked Scott..he said after 15 minutes he'd want us to disconnect the feeding tube.

My kids said after 15 years, yes.. if they cant do anything.. why bother?

So there ya have it.

Yes, I will get the darn treatment.. i dont like choking on food.. darn goiter, George, is pressing on my trachea and all.. causing me to have diffculty breathing.. Evil George.

So on Monday I will ring the DR. office and ask them to make me an appt.

Soon i will be like the hulk and glow in the dark..

wonderful to look forward to .. but at least i can bagels then.



Blogger Nam LaMore said...

Don't feel so bad, after all the Prez had his incident with pretzel, and his dad couldn't stomach sushi. At least your bagel was soft.

Good luck on your blog. Like you, I started a blog recently, and it's been good fun. Lots of free add-ons/utilities out there, so don't go paying for any software subscriptions or services.

- nl

3:51 PM  

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