Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I miss the 80's.. again.. :P

OK so i ordered this Adam Ant video tape.. and I have to say he did pretty well for being the pioneers in the video/MTV business.

Its just funny to see a video shot in the corner of a room using lights as the only special effect..and how elaborate music videos are today ..

I think its too bad Adam Ant's last music made was in 1995.. yeah sure he redid songs for the Gorillas he remade Stand and Deliver to Save the Gorillas LOL in 2000 I think? Very cool tho to step in and help. and tho i havent heard those songs yet.. I've heard from others they were good.. but his record company shot them down.. and they couldnt be released.. bastards..

So he had some pretty flamboyant outfits there in the 90's but I was lmao at the way people were dancing way back then.. funny huh? But back then .. it was cool.. LOL .. I'm sure if we look back on the 2000's in a decade... we will seem funny now tooo!

So to get back on Adam Ant again.. people talk shit about him because of the bar fight =in 2003.. well hellooooo !!? so what? There are bar brawls everyday.. just happens that this one was someone who was famous.. and what was he famous for? "How many women have you slept with Adam? " Less than 1000... 1000????!!!!! so you wonder why people ar so quick to point out his flaws...that little green demon...the women all loved him..heheh

ok me included.. ;)

was it the leather pants or the make up ? I think.. he had a perfect thing going tho.. women read then and now.. historical romances.. he fit into the hero figure.. Prince, pirate, he was dressed as a navy sailor at one time, highwayman, sheik, in another he was in a barn in the hay.. so come on.. you dont think he knew what he was doing> of course he did.. all those persons he portrayed are the romantical figures in women's fictional books! He got into women's fantasies.. smart man.

Course, for his fame there was a price, two stalkers.. can you even imagine being stalked? People showing up at your doorstep, saying you were married. breaking into your home.. showing up on your doorstep nude... now explain that to your significant other... I would think a person would change after stalkers..

So now, maybe he is done with music... but he wont be forgotten.. because there are alawys going to be people who remember the 80's fondly.. and pass it to their kids.. and so on.. I've passed it to mine.. i only hope after I'm gone they dont sell my CD's and videos on Ebay.. LOL

Eh well if they do .. i hope they get a good price :P

obsidian :)


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