Monday, March 14, 2005

Mothers worry :(

Totally scary thing tho, mom said to me today.. I wish there were more little kids around.. your kids and (sisters) are too big..

Um.. yeah okey mom dont look at me!.. Im trying to get rid of mine.. 5 more years left!! :P

Not that they are bad kids.. but the money, the whining, the worry I dont know.. I will be glad when they are big enough to defend themselves..

I guess thats what all mothers worry about.



Blogger Zombie said...

You're teaching them to fight, right?

12:26 AM  
Blogger obsidian said...

I've taught them to kick scream, punch, and elbow the sensitive areas.. go for the eyes, nose..stomp on the toes and the groin area..

use teeth, fingernails, feet, hands etc..

Being the mom, i worry about them when I'm not there to watch them.. I see all these shows and hear on the news about kids being kindapped.. etc..

So everytime i see a new one.. I tell the kids.. ok remember make a LOT of noise.. kick scream.. bite.. do whatever you have to do.

Then they say.. I KNOW mom..

Better to be safe than sorry.

Its a whole different world from when i was a kid :(

Well now i feel old .. :P

When i say i dont want anymore kids.. i think its because of worry..and yeah it is expensive.. and i want the best for the two I already have.. :)


9:50 AM  

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