Tuesday, March 29, 2005

no title really

OK so .. Easter was really great. I wasnt sure about going to my sister's because I need ot study for a test thats on Thursday. But, its a holiday, and i never see my sister and brother in law it feels like. Sooo .. when mom said she'd pick me and the kids up, I figured ok.. lets go.. I dont have to drive. But about 30 minutes into the trip, squashed between both kids, and my butt becoming extremely frozen, i was really changing my mind. I should have drove.. I like driving as long as its not stop and go. I love my music.. i love driving my own way.. I swear a couple of times I was going to scream while my dad drove. Hey I'm an adult now.. I should drive my own car. I have a PT Cruiser cute little thing.. Told Scott he should paint black spots on it like a cow. and then I could get my license plate to read.. PT Mooser... cute huh?

So I have a test this Thursday .. and then off to Laughlin on Friday. woohooo!

Oh and on another note, Scott and i fought over money last night.. I swear.. I know I'm not working.. but i will be in May.. and school is stressful.. whats the matter with me spending $100 on CD's .. and another $100 on DVD's.. *sighs* I know.. I shouldnt have.. well it was actually $200 at Target.. so he was pissy.. but I"m the one who got screwed in the house refinance.. I have to spend $175 more a month now.. it keeps creeping up and I'm the dumbass stuck paying for it. blah.. Oh well when I become a nurse and make $10 more an hour than him.. than I can buy CD's and DVD' and yell at him..

I look forward to it.

obsidian :)


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