Sunday, March 20, 2005


ok.. the title is sighs.. because I am bored.. nothing going on.. I am on vacation.. but lucky me.. I have a test soon as we get back from vacation..

Soo i will be doing some studying.. not like S who is going to San Diego, to the beach, Disneyland.. and who knows where else... bitch...

sooo maybe I will get to scrapbooking some of the kids pics.. I swear there is a big huge gap where we didnt take any pictures.. arghghghg..

But there are always the kids school pics.. whoppeee

and I am missingpictures.. why I'm not sure.. maybe the daughter stole them..

anyhooow.. my wonderful and exciting life.

and I'm still not talking to my friend... I think maybe it iwll be a good break for the both of us.. I thik I am still stunned at they way she jumped on me..

and my online guy .. has new job.. so may not see him much.. guess I get to peruse everyone's blogs..should be fun! :D

*the bored*


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