Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So here's a question

Say you and a friend, not a close one, lets call her friend #1.. were chatting on IM.. then your bestfriend comes on.. she answers an offline you sent her a while back in which you were talknig about friend #1..

Bestfriend says "I know about friend #1 already"

you(being me) say.. "well of course you do, you always know everything before I do "

(now I know you dont know me.. so you dont know in which context i said it.. so just guess)..

In any case.. my bestfriend doesnt say another word to me, now neither does the friend I was talking to to begin with. So I wait... 5 mins.. 10 mins.. then I ask my bestfriend.. hey are you talking to friend #1? She says yes.. so they were talking to each other for 10 minutes and pretty much didnt say anything to me.

Now, am I waaaay offbase thinking this was rudeness? I dont know..

In any case I said I was going.. for the night.. I had other stuff to do.. which I do.. my family.. so anyhow.. my bestfriend said i was trying to give her the guiltrip, that I hated to not know what she knows.. and that it was just like me..blah blah blah.

That pretty much hurt my feelings again.. I mean heck .. I tell her everything.. everything.. so for her to accuse me of being pissy because friend #1 told her something first.. its stupid..




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