Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Test :(

Ok the test tonight really was not what I had thougyt it would be. I have studied every day.. all the electrolytes. the normal values, signs and symptoms, nursing intervention .etc .. and i was a little nervous before the test because i had forgotter to do the study guide.. so i quickly went through it and checked it against Flor's answers... couple were off.. but other than that.. I was ok .. just memorized it.

Then if that wasnt stressful enough, the project we were supposed to turn in, the girl who said she was going to put it together.. suddenly said.. I'm too stressed I can't do it. you guys will have to present it yourselves.

This is the girl who wanted to do it.. at 9 am at Starbucks.. ok .. we were there.. she was 50 minutes late.. we had already divvied up the work and told her.. you put it together on the presentation board and then present the information we research and write up.

I had to write a part of a case study, the previous history and the assessment of the patient. F, S and H wrote a ton on theirs.. then then C, who all she had to do was to paste our stuff up on a cardboard, who took it upon herself to change everything we wrote.. and then told us she didnt know anything about the presentation and we had to do it..

I think the whole class bombed the test..

S wanted to go to Chilis for drinks.. but F had to be somewhere and since i carpool with F no drinks for me. :( But i do have a raspberry daquiri wine coler.. I know soo high school but hey ..I like them :P

And I'm living in the 80's anyhooow.. where's my aquanet?

I think we will all go drinking tomororw night.. of course.. by drinking i mean like two foofy drinks :P

I dont normally drink LOL

obsidian :)


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