Friday, March 11, 2005

Thoughts about George

******** i dint know my post from yesterday was up.. so .. eh read them together :P*****

OK so i have hyperthyroidism... its a disease.. means it will never go away. I stated getting symptoms in September, when i started nursing school, but i didnt think anything of it.

Heat intolerance, sweating, skin troubles, and a rapid pulse.

But i just figured it was school. And its sitll raging hot here in Sept.. so didnt think aboutit.. Then I had sciatica.. nothing to do with hyperthyroidism.. but with all the stress of school all my other symptoms i just figured was stress, not being sick.

So ten i went to give blood, the nurse said.. your pulse is 104 you cant give blood when your pusle is over 100,, Do you think you are dehydrated? I said I dunno, could be.. so she said.. go eat.. I went and ate at Chili's, i went back and she said it was over 120 now.. LOL.. So i figured something was wrong. My sister has hyperthyroidism too.. so I started looking up the symptoms.

Well it wasnt til February that I dragged my bum into the Dr.s' office. I went to the DR/s finally because i found George. George is my goiter. You know that cartoon, where the red guy or was it the Abominable snowman? Anyhow whichever one says "I will hug him and kiss and call him George" Thus my goiter is named. They told me to go get labs done.. so i did. Labs were insanely high for my metabolism. My supervisor had said I was losing wait.. course I didnt believe her.. ha.. so I've lost bout 15 pounds.

I should be happy right? eh well.. its the skin thing that is driving my crazy. Pruritis. argghghg.. Sooooo then i had my thryoid uptake and ultrasound..

No nodules which is good.. if you have nodules you have get your thryoid out then I believe.. eep. I went back to Dr. and he said mu Thyroid uptake scan was off the charts. Pretty cool huh? apparently something I am good at then, producing Thyroid Stimulation Hormone. .:P

I was truly debating whether i should get his treatment or not.. why you ask? I'm losing weight..
I used to be a cute 119 and looked pretty good.. ot great.. but ok.. and now I am at 134. Having lost the 15 pounds.. yes you can add.. it was 149.. not good :((

School and studying makes me so sedentary and then when I'md not studying I want to play on the computer or read, or watch moves.. right now I am here and watching My Fair Lady..

So i was hesitating to get treatment.. and then my Dr. says well its good we started ont his.. because those goiters can lead to cancer.. eeep.. ok glad he said that.. or i would have procrastinated my radioactive iodine treatment.

I do know that the pulse being up so high for a long time woudl make a a big risk for myocardial infarction.. which is a heart attack. Nope not for me.

So i guess i will either resolve myself to being a fat butt.. or i iwll get out and walk.. its startign to get hot again.. but if i were to walk in the morning, when boy goes to the bus stop then be back in an hour to teak girl to school.. that woudl work.. yeah i have to figure out how to eat good.. I used to do that so well .. *sighs*

So now they are calling me to schedule my radioactive iodine.. no doesnt that sound kinda scary.. i dirnk this stuff and it shrinks my thryoid.. i wonder if it hurts.. I should ask my sister..So hoever big or insane George the Goiter is, is what strength the radioactive iodine is.. if i get a huge dose.. i have to stay in the hospital..if i get a medium dose.. i have to stay away from people, no closer than 6 ft.. yeah bf is gona have to sleep on the couch.. muhuwahahahah i get the whole bed to myself.. *sprawls out*

Soo..i gues i should go call them back.

I hope I get to glow in the dark.. :D

I will be .. "Goiter Girl" able to leap tall piles of magazines in a single bound.. its a girl.. its a gouter.. and it glows in the dark!! Goiter Girl!! :P


going now..



Blogger aibee said...

Hang in there kiddo.

When I was diagnosed with thyroid disorder around two or three years ago, I found this forum to be really helpful.

and I don't know how much of it you have to eat, but my ND told me that there's something or other in broccoli and cauliflower that slows down thyroid function, if you eat enough of it.

I hope you like your vegies. ;)

5:22 AM  
Blogger obsidian said...

Thank you, I will go to that forum..I'm having a slight problem with me wanting to get the therapy that will help.. I;ve lost a lot of weight and everyone is telling me how good I look.. so my old eating disorder is saying.. you dont need help.. you need to wait.. until you get really skinny then.. go and get the treatment.. bad bad voice!!!

Hmm veggies.. I need to eat more veggies thats for sure. I like Broccolli "little trees" course I like them cooked and smothered with cheese.. or.. raw and with ranch dressing.. LOL probably not the most nutritious way to eat..

I like Cauliflower.. I actually craved tons of cauliflower when I was pregnant with my first child..I ate really really good with her.. no caffeine, no chocolate, no soda even i think.. all good food. That was "the girl" hence now she loves to eat nutritious food. Now, when I was pregnant with son.. Ha. Snickers, coffee, whatever ... he is my pizza boy.. and chocolate.. everything i love.. LOL .. not a good nutritious good eater..

So there ya go .. have a good nutritious food baby .. or a Snicker's baby :P

obsidian :P

10:45 PM  
Blogger aibee said...

re the cruciferous vegies:(aka cauliflower and broccoli) the less cooked they are the more they depress thyroid function.

re the therapy: listen to the voice that got you well the first time. That voice knows its shit.


8:27 PM  
Blogger obsidian said...

okey okey .. I was at the hospital today and they had cooked broccoli and cauliflower.. and I thought .. hey .. aibee said no cooked.. so I got pizza and onion rings instead..:P

heeheh . yup health nut here..

well truly i think since i know i can eat crap and still lose weight.. I'm eating crap now.. when they push me to hypothyroid.. i will go back to eating rabbit food.. *sighs*

I went to that thyroid site.. they say i coudl possibly take meds and not need the radioactive iodine.. I just dont know..

I had the pregnancy test..a nd I am positive I am not preggers. so I could probably jsut start taking the atenolol for my heart rate and see what happens... then maybe at the end of April, beginning of May when I am working again, i can go in for the radioactive stuff..

obsidian :)

9:28 PM  

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