Wednesday, March 30, 2005

today was NOT my day

OK wake up .. 8:50 .. supposed to be at r. appt to meet my mom and my son there. Son's appt. place is at least 20 mins away. So jump up.. no shower.. same clothes i was wearing yesterday... lovely. then on the way.. I assume that the butterflies are flying to the south or something like that.. got a herd of butterfly guts all over the front of my car and my windshiled wipers dont work.. so here i am with butterfly guts on my windshield. and FYI these had yellow insides.

So then.. get to appt. I'm late. The secretary is COMPLETELY unprofession while we are sitting there waiting.. chit chatting on the phone about how she is "pissed off at."at someone.. ok i can say that at ome.. but helloo?? in a DR.s office? pffft.. so then.. after 40 minutes.. its finally our turn to get in there.

My son .. spent the last couple of nights at my mom's. The Dr. looks at Son's foot. Where's his dressing? I look at son.. Son looks at me.. then he says.. "it came off last nght while I was sleeping".. wrong answer my wonderful son.. After that i proceeeded to have the Dr. tell me that if he doenst follow directions that he doesnt want to take care of my son's toe. And futhermore.. since I was the adult.. and my son was a minor.. its was MY fault that he didnt have his dressing on his toe. Even tho i hadnt seen my kid today unti i saw him at the office. grrr

Ok after appt. I go home.. son and daughter blahblah blaing.. making nosie.. I was trying to study.. shessh .. so son kept saying I want to go to B club.. so i said fine.. get your stuff..I droppped him off at the Game shop there by B club..and siad.. okey look there is Ms. from the B Club.. after you get your stuff form the store.. walk across with her. So he says ok.. i said be careful crossing the road.. he says ok .. he asked. when are you picking me up? I said 5.. he saysokey.

So that was noon. Get home.. and studied.. then daughter was to go to movies with her main squeeze.. I said.. ask Dad..she calls Dad... Dad says I dunno when I am getting home.. so i figured.. if i could get her to agree to go to her gma's tomorrow.. all day.. then i will take her and pick her up from the movie. I'd take her and pick son up at same time.

BUT I was waiting on the Scwann's guy. Soooo waiting and waiting.. no Schwanns guy .. I didnt want to miss it.. I had ice cream cones on order.. sheesh!

So i called Scott and said.. HEY I hafta take daughter and pick up son.. and the Schwan's man is coming.. So he said.. alright I'll drop what I'm doing and come home.. but hurry up cause I have stuff to do..

Went to movies.. walked with girl up to the front because i wanted to make sure her guy is there.. he was. phew.

went to B club. no son... they said.. "We havent seen him all day." I said what? he was supposed to walk over at noon. It is now 4:55 pm I was early.. no problem.. i figured ht elittle shit walked to his friends house. But, does he know if his friend is even home? It's Easter vacation.. then someoen said.. "try the library" So I did.. lotsa homeless people in the park between the b club and the library.. Son had money on him.. nervous.. nervous... he never made it to the B club.. what if.. he was at the game store and a big kid came and beat him up .. and took his money.. What if he is hurt somewhere and I cant get to him? What if someone took him???

I was strating to stress. it was after 5 .. even when he is supposed to be at the B club.. and he is at his friends.. he is ALWAYS on time.. now Ms. from the club is getting nervous as well.

Now, reader, you must know.. I watch CSI, original and NY, I watch Without a Trace.. I watch Cold Cases.. and last night.. I watched the REAL cold case.. fricking scary beyond belief.

So now.. I am panicking.. I call Scott and am all trembly voice on the phone..
he isnt HERE! " so then he called my friend.. she sometimes sees him walking from his friends house and to B club.. she says.. didnt see him.

So then this kid, the same kid who said he hadnt seen him today, tells me.. "Hey you should check the game store.. cuz he and this other kid are there for a long time." I scoff.. "He woudnt be there for 5 coud he be there for FIVE HOURS! silly silly boy!.

So i went there.. and guess what reader? guess what? My lovable son.. that i had been all worried and upset and trembly voice on the phone about was IN THAT STORE.. still playing!!!

I said.. "You are in BIG trouble son.."

He looked at me and said.. "But mom.. i thought you were going to pick me up here"


So i am still kinda freaked out..

Get home.. and Scott tells son.. "you owe your mother an apology" so son says.. "sorry" and Scott says to me.." did you think he was gone?"

Then I lost it.... I hugged my son to me and cried..

then i went to Scott and cried more..

Scott says.. "It's ok.. he's home.. " still crying.. then he says. "look to Catch a Thief is on.. ' that show where they break into people's houses and break all their stuff and steal it, then tell them how to protect their homes from break ins..

still sniffling.. He says.".look they broke that ladies china.. it was four generations old"

So then I look up .. "really? "

others people misfortune.. is so intersting.. isnt it?


But I am still kinda shaky.

damn kid.


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