Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Visit to the Doctors... yet again

SO like the title says . i went to the Dr's yesterday. We went over my labs.. which he said... couple were really high and the other was off the charts. Sooo its official I have hyperthryoidism.. I wonder if W--- will let me use it for my class paper... I doubt tho.. ppffft.

I didnt really wat to go to the doctor... I was planningon ditching it. Why? Because I'm losing weight with this disease. Sad isnt it? I'd rather put my health at stake and avoid getting treatment because I dont want to gain weight.

But i did get to the doctor and he said.. glad we caught it in time because untreated it coudl become cancerous. Yeah now that scared me.. i think I'd rather be a bit heavier than die.. right? hey right???

Course part of me is saying.. I dont know.. I like being 15 lbs less.. take the cancer takt the cancer!

Sick isnt it?

I cant say i feel better at 15 lbs less because the rest of the hyperthyroidism makes me crazy. I'm hot all the time, I cant take the heat, i have muscle tremors, my pulse is over 125, i get short of breath, my muscles went to crap, I'm irritable as times (wow yes, even me!:P)

So the dr. put me on atenolol.. nursing implications? I dunno hopefully one of my fellow students will remember LOL .. that should slow my heart down. course i havent run to the pharmacy to get it filled..

Hey I have movies to watch today :)



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