Friday, April 29, 2005

Lots of stuff here..

OK so here goes.. yesterday and today have really tried my patience. Why? because I am out of school and thus here to sit.. and think.. argh.. LOL.. but mostly what got me.. ws the call from school.. Yeah ..those of you who are parents know what this means...

So apparently my son "kicked" this girl in the leg and the girl was having surgery on her knee the next day, it was already damaged, but my son hurt this girl.

Yeah, talk about feeling like CRAP... so i asked my son... what the heck were you THINKING??? He says.. well mom i didnt really kick her.. I just put my leg in front of hers, to try to make her trip... (yes that is SO much better) .. then he says.. well we do it all the time... *exasperated sigh*

SOOO I told him.. you are now like a Disneyland ride.. keep all arms and legs to YOURSELF... hope that works well.

My daughter is again pissed at me and Scott for not being millionares able to buy everything the little princess wants.

I told her.. she isnt getting anything until her birthday, which is in June.. nooo she want sa new skirt.. too bad.

There are people in China that dont have new skirts..and she isnt getting one either..


So anyhow..

Scott asked if i wanted to got ot Home Depot.. said we could hit In N Out and grab some cheeseburgers... ok now.. I havent eaten real food since Monday... the whole of this week has been spent eating oatmeal and drinking coffee, an occasional popsicle thrown in .

So i decided to try to eat something at home.. It went down ok.. so I called Scott up and said.. lets go.. get away from the kids. yayyyy..

So we had dinner. Then he want Starbucks? I was like.. oooo okey :D So then I got my grande cafe mocha with whipped cream... yumm... then Walmart, where I proceeded to get more stuff.. then he filled my car's gas tank full of gas!! woohooooo! I hit it big tonight! :P I thought it was very nice of him to do all that. Especially the gas because I am headed to my sisters tomorrow and its bout 90 minutes there.. and another 90 mintues back. I think he feels guilty missng another family occasion. But he has to work on the usually when we do go to a family function, he shows off all his battle wounds from work.. LOL.. He is such a baby that way.

Anyhow.. I made him open all the doors for me tonight.. It was quite nice... of course.. It may also have something to do with me actually "putting out" this evening as well. LOL I'm sure thats TMI for y'all..b tu hey.. I was radioactive for a week, and then the monthly thing.. I think its been way over 2 weeks.. poor guy.. LOL

Oh well..

My next entry is going to be about your worst date.. think about it.. while I write..

obsidian :)


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