Wednesday, April 20, 2005

On being a parent of a teenage girl

Now, being the parent of a teenage girl you would think most of the time I would like to strangle her. Not so the case.. She is a pretty good kid. She does ignore me some of the timewhen I ask her to clean dishes, or put stuff away. But, she is a good kid..

First disappointment of the day. She's been skipping swimming practice. She wanted to be on the team.. but she had ot practice.. and practice requires commitment and dedication. Well. I think because she wasnt that great swimmer, she got tired of working on it. She was dead last in one even at the last swim meet and my mother was there watching her.. So I think that the daughter was embarrassed. So, she has been skipping practice so she doesnt get to go to the meet tomorrow.

Scott, is pissed at her. For not following thru. But.. I mean if the kid really really doesnt want ot o do it.. I dont believe in forcing them. I mean if sh eis 19 and living at home.. eating all my food and not working or doing anything around the house because she doens twant to.. no that wont happen.

But, I dont believe in making her work at this swimming even tho we spent a couple undred bucks on getting her set up for it. oh well.. I mean my mom probably paid thousands in Community College courses I never followed thru with and i was 17!

I think they should try different things and find out what they like. Its what I am going thru in Nursing.. I keep trying different areas to find where I'd really like to be when I graduate.

Anyhow.. that was the first thing..

The second was she broke up with the boyfriend. Now he bought her roses and paid at the movies.. and called her.. and etc.. so we all know.. he is a "nice guy" and will finish last right? Well I dont know what was involved.. but she says.. she just didnt feel the same way about him anymore.. So she broke it off with him.

He left two message on her cell phone.

One said.. I hate you and i never want to see you again..adn never want to talk to you again.. then he hung up.

The next one said.. oh yeah . I forgot to tell you .. you are a slut..

She checked her mesages and ran to her room crying..

Now.. I wan tthis kids head on a pike... and I dont care how it gets there.. but its going.. I asked her for this kids number.. and his mother's number... daughter wouldnt give it to me.. I said fine.. I want to send him a text message.. she said no to that too.

She was crying.. when i went in later at dinnertime..she said." I dont want to live anymore" and cried more..

Well, that is my biggest fear.. teenage suicide.. tried it myself a couple of times.. but I was in a big family and no one really knew me anyway.. but since i've been through it I have talked and talked to my kids.. nothing is as bad as it seems when you are a teenager.. its the end of the world.. then later when you are older.. you look back and think.. well thats stupid.. I'd of told him to fucking piss off..

But now its devastating..

And my heart ached for her.. my poor child.. my poor little girl..

So I hugged and hugged.. todl her everything was going to be ok. and that .. her ex was a big jerk.. lashing out at her. because she dumped him.. he didnt mean what he said.. and he was just hurt and angry.. and later on in the year.. sooner or later.. they would be friends again ..

She didnt eat dinner.. just stayed in her room.. sitting there in the dark..

well i was NOT going to stand for that!! no kid makes mine run away from her family! The little shit... so .. after I ate.. well heck I gotta eat.. the thryoid is still in my system for another couple of weeks.. :P

So.. after I ate.. I grabbed The Wedding Singer.. daughter's favorite movie.. got a couple Drumsticks from the freezer.. and a couple Diet Cokes.. and went into her room.. when I flipped the light on.. and popped the movie in..

So we had a good .. about 2 hours of a fun movie and ice cream.. I think she was feeling better when she went to bed.

I just hurt for her.. and wish I could make everything alright.

oh and kill the kid who hurt her.. .I told my son to tell him.. if he saw him.. that he was in big trouble with me.. and I best not see him..

So we'll see.. son will probably forget :P .. But he was upset that someone made his sister cryl.. I know other days he give her shit all the time.. but this is an outsider.. one who needs his ass kicked.. but my son is 12 and this guy is 14.. so my son won't be strating anything..

But I'd really like to tell this kid.. hey i understand your feeelings were hurt.. but my kid aint no slut.. of course I'd be saying this as he lies on the ground writhing in pain from the kick to the nuts.

Anyhooow.. yes I'm a bit overzealous.



Blogger JustSue said...

And you're a fabulous mum for the way you are dealing with your daughter and her pain. In years to come she will know she will get all the love, sympathy and support from her family - and where to run when the chips are down. My hat's off to you. And when you are ready to round up the posse to go "visit" the ex-bf gimme a call! ;-)

6:25 AM  
Blogger aibee said...

*taking notes for future reference*


You're a wonderful parent Sid, you really are.

6:27 PM  

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