Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pain.. pain.. pain ... ouch

OK so here is the deal. I gotr this radioactive iodine two weeks ago. The Doctor said that I may have a sore throat and flu like symptoms and that was normal.

So yesterday.. it was weird.. everything I ate felt like it was scraping down my throat... i figured maybe it was swollen.. no problem.. i ate dinner last night with not too much problem. I woke up this morning..and grabbed one of those store bought cake donuts.. OMG PAIN >>> my throat didnt even hurt before i took the bite.. its not like normal sore throats..I guess its swollen and the food cant get by so it is killing me instead.

I will be taken all further food today in a blender ... or maybe i wont eat.. omg it HURTS


Hopefully it will go away soon.


Blogger aibee said...

(((((Sid's throat)))))


feel better soon pun'kin.

7:12 PM  
Blogger obsidian said...

Well I am about three or four sheets ot the wind right now.. hey.. I got carded tonight/ Is that insane or what??? I am 36.. I think i told her I was 37 .. LOL.. she carded me anyway.. you think she was being nice???

Sooo.. yes even after alcoholic drinks.. it still hurts

guess if its not gone away soon i wil yell..er.. call the docters office.

Anyhoow.. i guess i should pour myself into bed.. well actually couch.. I've been sleeping on the couch.. I can watch TV late.. and then I dont wake Scott up with my "supposed" snoring..

I think he jsut wants the bed ot himself..

well maybe tonight.. but dont get used to it.. weekends.. the bed is mine.. muhuwahhahaha


12:06 AM  

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