Sunday, April 24, 2005

Skills Check Off

Ok so Friday was the skills check off in my nursing class. What they do is over the semester they show you how to do a skill, once.. in that once .. you are suppose dto practice that skill and all th eother one syou learn over the semester and know how to do them at any given time.

OK, now you all know me, and if you dont.. now you will... LOL... I am Ms. Procrastinator.. Ms. Last Minute, ok we need to study this one now because its in 3 days.

So, I went early to school on Thursday, and practiced all day Thursday, then on Friday i got up and I hung IV's on the back of my bathroom door. I suctioned pink doggy's trach (pink doggy is my stuffed dog, and is pink:P) I irrigated pink doggy's foly catheter.

I was practicing and practicing.. when it came time to drive over, my friend Flor, whom I really like.. but she has a habit of making me crazy as well. Anyhow.. she tells me how scared she is about the check off. I am getting more and more nervous. I'm doing some deep breathing.. then she does.. we were both making big sighs on the way there.

and I am 4th.. I dont want to be 4th.. but I have to be.. its my scheduled time..

Then suddenly this song entered my head, "Be not afraid... I go before you always, come follopw me, and I will give you rest"

OK Ia m not the most religious person in the world. I used to be Catholic.. in fact in my heart I do believe i am still Catholic, but..I was really sick of going to church and being asked for money. I dont have it. And for the other church i went to .. they are snobs. I supose if I just went to church and went home it would be ok.. but.. i dont like the politics behind that other church, which is not catholic btw.


That song.

Be not afraid, I go before you always..

I was terrified of this skills check off.. and i happen to think of this song.. and think.. He is with me. He always is and will always be. But at that time i needed it.

I calmed down a little until i got there.. then I was pacing and a sudden calm came over me.. I was called in.. I performed my skill, (with a couple mishaps.. but i corrected them), and I got a 94!!!


Now, I do believe in God.. and I do belive in my own religion. Which is mine. I dont project my beliefs on anyone else and I expect the same in return.

but it just made me feel safe.

over and out

obsidian :)


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