Friday, April 29, 2005

Your worst date EVER

Okey like the title says.. this is all about your worst date.

I will start with mine.

OKey so I had just split with my husband of 4 years.. Complete bastard that he was... I was happy and excited to hook up with someone who actually liked me. It had been 4 months after I left my husband.. and I went to some Country bar, this was in 1993.

Sooooo right before I left, I met this guy, he seemed very... enthusiastic. OK so I full on was kissingon him before i left. I am sure I was drinking.. thats my story and I'm sticking to it.

Anyhow..I think we exchanged numbers.

We went out a couple of times, dancing, etc.. then one night he picks me up... and i was all dressed up.. i think he says something about wanting to go to this campground place. I was like ok.. so we went. (ok cmon i was starved for affection) .. Anyhow.. so he puts up this little tent.. for us to get into.. and I was all dressed up!! Anyhow.. this was in my .. not so secure days.. so I figured in order to keep him.. I had to sleep with him.. and hey I thought he was hot at the time..

So that was our date.. romantic huh? Most of our "dates" after that were usually just sex.

Soooooooooo then came the kicker..

I got a babysitter for the weekend for my kids. I drove 3 hours to where he was. Stayed in this teensy room with him. We went out the first night... and he bought me one beer. I didnt have any money on me do I couldnt buy anymore. meanwhile the whoel night he played pool with some other chick.

Then he procceds to tell me he is too drunk, and I have to drive him back to where he lives. Well hell, I didnt know where I was going, but got him back. Then in the morning, he didnt offer me anything to eat for breakfast, but he ate what he had there. Then we walked around where he worked.. and he ran into one of his boss' bosses. So he tells them that I would be HAPP to get them all lunch. So they give me the money.. and ME the visitor, runs to go get them ALL lunch!!!

Then when i got back.. he had the NERVE to complain that it took me an hour to get them all food.

That was the end i think.. at least I would hope so.. I got pneumonia, and he said he was afriad he woudl catch it so he couldnt come visit me. A girl called me and told me he was out dancing that weekend.. of course.. Sooooo I think I stuck with him for about.. jeez. 4 or 5 months..

Then I met Scott.. and dumped the other guy on his ass.. I still see him from time to time.. jsut shine him on... I mean .. he was the worst guy I had ever dated.

Pretty sad huh?

OKey now you all have to share too.



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