Saturday, May 21, 2005

An Angel who lived here on earth has ascended

So today I got up. I can handle funerals, not a problem. I went to the hospital.. and I did my student part.. at 10:30 I went to the church for the funeral. I was fine, until they started the slide show, then they started talking about how wonderful this man was. I had no idea.

About 30 years ago he was hit in the head with a pulley caused brain damage, I had never known. Oneof his son's said that he had taken an IQ test earlier, and 75 is mental retardation, his father scored a 78. You would never had known. He worked until the day he died. In fact that was where he died. Everyone loved him.

He was such a calm, funny, great guy. he was 63. Too early by my standards, to be taken away. But the good die young, and thats why I'm going to live forever :)

So, yes i cried, just a bit, tears and some sniffles, I waited until i got into the car before i bawled my eyes o ut.. and it was because I hadn't known how wonderful a person he was. Its because the world needs more like him, its because his family will miss him. He was such a bright ray of sunshine.

The pastor told us that when he asked M about her husband, what was his favorite song, she said, his favorite song was what I woudl be singing at the time. What was his favortie color? Whatever I was wearing. He loved his wife more than anything. The day he died, she was worried about a new building she had to attend an appt at. She was worried there wouldnt be elevators. He told her he had to leave, he was late for work. he called her on the phone later and said, "Dont worry about your appt. I just checked and the building has elevators." He took the time out of his life to do for others.

He told silly jokes. He may forget who you are sometimes, but he had everything written down in these little notepads. I do remember him pulling one out a time or two. He did forget who i was once, I tought that was weird.. but then i figured i changed my hair or something. He had different pads for work, family and church. They said he would write down what people's favorite things were. Like if he offered you donuts at church and he saw which one you took., he wouldl make sure you had one the following week.

He loved people. He loved his family. He loved God. He was one in a million. The world is a bit dimmer without his presence.

I am glad to have known him.

DC, I know you are in heaven now looking down on us.. we'll miss you.. and do you think you could put in a good word or two for me to the Big Guy?




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