Saturday, May 21, 2005

A day in the life of, well .. ME (okey its really long but worth is according to ME :P)

Yes, the funeral was today. It was actually bittersweet. I went over it in another post, so lets move on now. I went back to the hospital after the funeral. Thinking abou tthe fact, that I found out yesaterday that one of my online friend's husband died on Thursday. About my co worker from another job who has bone cancer. About my girlfriend who has ovarian masses. About the 30 something woman on my floor who is dying of cervical cancer and is leaving behind a 5 year old child.

I think about how life isnt fair.

And then I try to think of happy things.

I didnt tell you all I went with 3 friends to the Ellen Degenares show on Tuesday did I? Yup I ditched school tuesday night so I could go to Burbank and see Gwen Stefani... and Kirstie Alley, .. and Wanda Sykes. Some guy from the Real World Las Vegas was ther ein the crowd. We got a cool gift bag from Old Navy. The Old Navy dancers were there.. it was a heck of a lot of fun.

We did wait around quite a bit for the show to start. But, it was sooo worth it.. I taped it... and was looking for us inthe crowd..

There was a lot of .. stand up.. sit down.. cheer cheer cheer... tiring to say the least..

and when i looked for us.. what did I find?

Shots of my ass ... all over National Television. Well glad they were fast shots at least :P LOL

Sooooooooooooo after these rather happy thoughts about Tuesday and the Gwen Stefani mini concert, I got back to the hospital, still talking about today,

I had a pretty good day as a student, good nurse.. taught me some things.. I thought it was a darn good, but very emotional day.

So i get home, to read my mail.

Open up a statement from Blue Cross...

How much do you think one pill of radioactive iodine is???

take a guess...any guess... really? wow.. you and the insurance company must be on the same wavelength.. never would I imagine a pill was NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS

Yes, 9, 000 dollars.

one pill

and because i have shitty insurance... my share of this .. is a whopping $4700.. can we say I'm screwed?????

So I went off the deep end for a while. I told my friend I was going to steal $9000 worth of alcohol swabs from the hospital, that I WAS going to get my money back. Because, I actually do the student thing at this hospital we will now call, Screw Me Hospital.

I was depressed.. BUT.. I thought of what I COULD do.. instead of wallowing in my self imposed $4700 misery.. I called my friend, she is interning at another hospital.. She told me all about it.. so I will call the other lady on Monday and set it up . I hope i get it. Course I'm also going to call Screw Me Hospital where I got my $9000 pill.. my supposed after I graduate future employers, and ask WTF?????

I'm going to call yet, another hospital on Monday and see what they have for scholarships. If they give for full or part time.. its fine with me.. I will sign on the dotted line.. if I change my mind, I can pay the money back when I graduate. I already owe every credit company in the world money, why not the hospitals too?

Soooooooooooooooooo after my meltdown there .. I was sitting her at my desk, playing one of my MMPG games, when the kids come in.. 'Mom, there's a bird that fell out of hits nest.. its just a baby and its going to die!"

And I think... they are going to be so sad when it does die. Its like 100 degrees plus out here now.. so I wasnt thinking this little guy woudl hold on.. So i went outside.. and there the ugly little thing was laying ... in such a way that I iddn thtink it was alive at all. J was sitting there.. looking at the bird, then she looks at me... then at the bird... and I look at B, and he has these little hopeful eyes, like.. *Mom can fix everything*..


So i thought, alright.. I can do this.. I think.. I know nothing about birds.. but its hot outside.. he probably needs some water. So I grabbed an empty syringe and away I went. Filled the syringe with water and started to squirt water around his mouth, thinking, of course that he will open up and drink the dang water. Well, sort of. So I thought .. hey hummingbirds like sugar water, lets try that. This was DEFINITELY NOT a hhummingbird.. but it was a bird. Ugly, I do remind you. Didnt even have any fuzzynes.. well a little off his head he looked like a half bald ugly thing.. grey and white tail feathers..but he was alive and i couldnt very well let it die. So my son says.. "Mom, call the animal hospital near here, they take birds for free and fix them up" Soooo.. I thought alright at least I will call and ask them what to do.

They of course, were closed.

So I caled my friend S. She likes birds, and fish, and cats, and dogs. She had a lot of each. She calledme and said.. you have to get some baby bird formula. Interesting, I thought, I ha d never heard of baby bird formula. So I called the nearest petstore. They had just closed. *sighs*

Called my friend back... "Hey.. petstore is close.. I'm going to try the one near you..can you take this thing?" She was like.. really? I was like.. uh yeah.. I dont want it here.. are you kidding me ?

Soooo.. i picked up baby bird formula, $7.99 for an unknown bird who dropped out of a tree and into my front lawn. I decided to name him after the man whose funeral we attended today. because one of his mantras was, "Never quit."

That little bird was the only one alive, there were 5 other baby birds that didnt survive in our yard, the kids went around and looked. This little one was the only one who held on.

His name is Doug.

I know he will be fine..

And now I can go to bed, I feel much better about the funeral, the bird, and the paper clips I am stealing from the hospital tomorrow..

Night all ;)



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