Thursday, May 05, 2005

driving in cars with friends aka Why you shouldnt carpool

Also known as "car-pooling". SO for the last semester, my friend F and I have been carpooling. It gets quite annoying after a while tho. She changes plans a LOT. She'll call me, we set a time, she'll call me 4 times after that changing the plans.

This is why, in semester 3, I am driving by myself. I dont want anyone calling me 2 minutes before I pick them up, asking why I'm late.

I dont want my plans changed 5 times in one day. I want to drive in peace, not being stressed because someone else is stressed out about a test or a paper and they are passing it on to me.

If I'm hungry, I want to stop and get food, or if I need nail polish remover from the drugstore, or I need money from the bank, I dont want to have to get a second opinoin on whether I can stop or not.

Yes, yes, gas is at a crazy price, but, quite frankly, I'd rather pay it then to have to have a discussion as to whether or not we can stop at Starbucks on the way to class..

This is a sample call, in fact this was this morning's calls, plural.

F: S?

Me: Yes?

F: What time are you going today?

Me: Well I dont want to go at 11, so maybe sometime this afternoon.

F: in the afternoon? How come?

Me: In the afternoon, yes, because I dont want to wait around all day at the school.

F: Well, what time?

Me.: I dont know, I need to get up, have coffee.. and be up for a while before i know what time. But i'm going this afternoon.

F: What time is S going?

Me: 11 am

F: What time is B going?

Me: I dont know I havent talked to her.

F: okey, have you done any of the reading.

Me. *inwardly sighs, because still in bed and hasnt done jackshit to do with school and doesnt want to be on phone right now.*

No, i havent. I'll call you later.. byeee


So i called her back later..

Me: Hey its me. I think I'm going to go at 5.

F: 5?

Me: Yes 5

F: Have you talked to S, ?

Me: Yes

F: Have you talked to B?

Me: yes

F: What time are they going?

Me. S at 11, B at 5

F: What are they going to do there?

Me: well watch the videos for the lab on Saturday I believe.

F: Okey I'll pick you up at 5.

Me: Well no, because I have to pick the kids up .. and I have other stuff to do I iwll meet you there at 5.

F: Oh.. okay..

Me, feeling bad now, yes I crumble easily:

Well, I dont know where i will be coming from at that time. (note to self: where the hell else will you be coming from you idiot??)

And, so I will just be there at 5..

F: ok

Me: well you know.. you can call me and if you can leave at 4:30 we can drive to gether its no big deal.. I mean I dont have any where to go to to day.. *digs self in deeper*

F: well I dont know if ..

Me: ok well call me later if you can.. byeeee




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