Monday, June 13, 2005

Just another day at the hospital

OK so.. life as a nurse, student or otherwise, is that you have to learn to drink massive amounts of coffee to keep you moving and try to pee when you can..

Yesterday, was one such day.

So after being there for a coupe of hours... I finally made my way to the bathroom. Yay... sat down (yes it almost TMI but bear with me)

The walls started shaking and I thought.. no no no .... then the floor rumbled.. and I thought .. you have GOT to be kidding ME....

Yes, it was an earthquake...

Yes it happened at the exact time I finally sat down to pee.

AND this bathroom is really really old.... like.. the stalls are old.. and the tile looked prettty old.. so I really was quite nervous.

Now, I am in a dilemma, do I

A: stop peeing, pull up the scrubs and run into the hallway and stand in the doorframe?
B: Keep peeing and hope the whole building doesnt come down with me in it?

Well... since I've been in a whole lot of earthquakes... I picked B. I mean truly.. I had to pee.. and yes, it was quite jumbly in there...I just held on... LOL

I was thinking,.. I really hope that this building doesnt come down and they find me.. sitting on this toilet. LOL

I looked up, nothing to fall on me.. so *shrugs*

Anyhoooow when i was done.. which I was rather quickly done.. I wasnt going to stay in there for longer than I had to .. I came out of the bathroom and around the corner there is a couple of my fellow students and a couple nurses all squished into a door frame.

So then I thought.. I probably shoudl have gone into the doorframe.. but oh well...

They were all excited.. did you feel that? Omg it laster forever.. where were you at?

I raised a brow and said, where do you think I was?

The shrugged.

I said.

In the bathroom..

Then they felll apart laughing..


So then later teh nursing supervisor showed me where there is a line across the hallway. If there is a big earthquake.. you dont want to be across this line. Why not? Well because the side the patients are on.. is on rollers or something.. and the other side.. just will break off and fall.

Yeah, the "break off and falls apart" part includes the elevators and the bathrooms.

I said.. wow and thats where I was during this one.

She said.. Nope, you dont want to be there...

Something else to file in thay "important to remember" part of the brain.


Evertime I go to the bathroom now.. whether at home or at the hospital I think.. okey .. peee fast.. dont know when another one is going to hit LOL

Thursday, June 09, 2005

okey its been a long time.. I know

Well I went off the deep end with this thyroid.. since they destroed my thryoid i have to watch for sings and symptoms of hypothyroid.. which is depression basically and weight gain. So .. yes, I got the lovely depression. Horrible, thats about how to describe it. Feeeling horrible sad about nothing you can actually pinpoint.

Now i have this anxiousness, where I am just anxious about everything.


Gotta love them *rolls eyes*

So I just called the dr.s office, since i went in and had a blood test last week. They are going to call in a new prescription..cause I'm a bit low on T3. So 75 mcg instead of 100 mcg. i was like. wataminute.. I know 70 is less than 100.. They said.. no its not.


Apparently in micrograms.. less is more.. ;)

weird measurement people making things more difficult for us. :P

So thats been going on ...whihc is a pain in the ass to say the least.. to be crying and mopey all the time is NOT fun ..

So I've been studying.. doing papers.. crap like that.
.. trying not to inflict the cruddy stuff on people.

I got a new computer.. woot woot *throws confetti*
my last computer was *refurbished* which in Dell talk, means paperweight. See if I had known that.. I wouldnt have bought it.. *sighs*

So now i have a Gateway.. *crosses fingers*

Its better than Scott's which he just got a couple months ago.

All good things come to those who wait.

Well I waited til my computer went to shit and I couldnt do anything with it.. then I told Scott if i dont get a new computer I'm gonna kill someone.. so .. we got a new computer.. yayayyayay

and speaking of killing things..

My son and I went to his conference on Tuesday..

You remember him.. the one that tells me every night there is no homework and he has nothing to do and yet.. he is failing his classes. Not all of them of course.. just certain ones.

So anyhooow there were bout 7 advisors sitting at the table when he and I went in . He had to sit at the foot of the table.. at the end .. so they could all stare at him. (see i think thats where I went wrong in my parenting.. I need a longer table.. and chairs so we can sit around him and stare him into submission)

So, the school psychologist, attendance lady, guidance counselor, disciplinary guy, head of language arts, head of heck I dont know.. social studies i think. and head of math/science.

All staring at my son.. and me .. but heck I wasnt the one in trouble.

So they were looking at his record and they said.. Hey! we dont get many GATE kids here..


GATE ... Gifted and Talented um somthing.. kids. (that e probably had something to do with homework, which my son doesnt do) :P

So... yes.. no GATE kids usually there.. because more thna likely they do their work.

So then they went thru all his testings.. and they were like. so kid.. why arent you doing your work?

he said.. well.. I dont know.

so then they said.. why arent you doing your work in Language arts.

He said.. well when i first went to class.. I didnt like Ms. L .. I thought she was weird.

So then .. they said.. you thought she was weird???


So then you decided not to do your homework because you thought she was weird.?


okey I dont blame them.. i was in a bit of a shock there too. and thinking my son is nuts.

So then.. they said.. so you were punishing her because you didnt do your homework.. the only one who is getting punished is you.

I said.. no kidding.. we've taken everything away from him.. and then even offered good stuff if he pulled his grades up.. and he does nothing. He is supoosed to be bringing me reports every Friday and he says certain teachers are gone on Fridays.. I mean I wish I was a teacher here.. they get every fricking Friday off it seems.

Every night I ask him if he has homework and every night he doesnt have any.

Apparently he has an agenda for Math that he is supposed to be writing his homework in.

So i did say i didnt particulalry like that one teacher either. When we had last parent teacher conferences. The one i went to. This teacher said.. ewll how did he get into GATE anyway? Did he test or what?

I took offense to that.

As if my son didnt belong there.

All testings did prove he should be there.. when i brought that up to the committee on Tuesday they said.. yes he deserves to be there. He was in the 98th percentile in somethings and average in others.. but he deserved to be there.

Anyhow.. they called him on all his lies and said.. look.. the GATE program is a privilege, and there is a waiting list for people to get into this program. We need to know that you will be doign the work.. because if you dont.. we will pull you out andgive your seat to someone who wants it.

(at that point I was gonna cheer Mr. B the disciplinary guy.. woot woot Mr. B!!)

Told them I have been telling son for half the year if he didnt pull his head out of his butt and do his work.. and stop failing these classes, get in gear, they would fail him.. and that he wouldnt be able to be in the same grade as his friends.. my son kept saying.. no not gonna happen.. I said. .yes it will.. and look here we are.

I also said.. that he would be in summer school.. and of course the last 2 weeks of school now he has been valiently trying to pull his grades up. Too little too late.

Anyhow.. now he needs summer schoool, and if he doesnt get C's or better in his classes in the first trimester next year.. he is out of the GATE program.

And thy want him in therapy for a couple of sessions to figure out what happened this year and why he has been a slacker. (his words, not mine.. son is a slacker LOL)

So I said .. fine.. sounds good to me.

Course now that its therapy, you know whose fault this whole school year is going to be..? of course.. its gonna be MY fault..

I was never there.. I was working full time.. I was in school on the weekends, I was sick with my hyperthyroid..

So I can forsee this will be fun.

The daughter has been okey .. but i hate the fact that I keep shelling out money for new jeans.. new shirts. and then she stands there.. and says.. "I have nothing to wear"

she needs a job..

Okey gotta run.. test tonight..

Love to you all !!

obsidian :)