Thursday, July 21, 2005

okey here is my July post :P

Yes here I am .. after much non usage.. i am surprised the blog is still here.

So anyhoooow..

Lets see.

Still in school. good.
Passing, even better.

Got a job as an intern at a kind of local hospital. I get money for working with babies in the nursery.. what kinda of job could be better? Yes, there is lots of dirty diapies.. but really . they are adorable.

I have only been there twice.. working in the nursery.. and the last Friday.. we had like 3 babies have breathing problems.. but once they put them on oxygen for a bit, they receovered.

Scary stuff. But thats why they have a nursery to check those little buggers out and make sure they are fine and healthy.

And I was told .. that is not a usual day.

So anyhow..

Got home tonight .. and Scott's rat was dead :( Its been just too damn hot for those guys. I told him .. take them to your Mom's.. she has air conditioning.. but he didnt do it. Then tonight he was like.. well I guess I will.. but by the time he got home.. Moochy was dead :(

Very sad.

The other one is still alive.. for now..

I dont want anymore pets for a long time..

I have a fish.. his name is Fishy Face... he is the cutest thing.. a beta fish.. he thinks he's a dog. Everytime I come near his bowl.. he starts wiggling his fins.. like a dog wiggles his hind end when he is happy to see you. Then he looks all hopeful.. like.. "Gimme a flake.. gimme a flake.. I'm hungry"... he always watches when I eat.. i think he has a crush on my red Folger's coffee can.

Silly fish.

The kids plot his death.. they are just jealous.

Scott says he takes the fish for walks on a leash, in the toilet..

*rolls eyes*

They are all jealous.. I tell ya.

okey bedtime.. I'm sure I've bored you all to tears :P


obsidian :)


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