Thursday, August 25, 2005

Here I am again ...

OKey so I am on hold with the County Courthouse.. eternal hold.. just keeps repeating.. all our lines are busy .. so I figured.. heh.. might as well do something.. i can update my blog.

So why am I calling the County Courthouse? Well, there was this little thing called JuryDuty that I was supposed to go to. And, I totally forgot to keep calling the after 5:30 pm thing. I was supposed to show up one day and I just totally blanked out. So then they sent me one of these postcards, says show up on Monday. Well, this Monday marks the return to school. And my frist day is Monday at 4:40 pm. Well I sure dont want to be late to my first day of school. Forget it. So either they have to say, okey we wont keep you past 3, or they maybe they will tell me to just come in on Tuesday instead.

Still on hold.

OK I passed 3rd semester wooohooooo! Got an 89.08% in the class, which means i missed an A by a miniscule amount. OH well ..

ooh ringing.. hang on... well thats no good.. she is in another City.. so transferring to the local courthouse. And now I think they hung up on me. Lovely. Oh no.. she was there. She said the chances were good that I would get out in time for school. Well, I better get out at 3. Cause I need to drive bout 30 minutes to school and I have to be early cause I am anal retentive like that for the first day of school. Have to pick out a spot!

Anyhow.. yeah we impeached the President of the class. BUT, after that was done, she stood up and gave a speech and said she resigned. LOL.. whaaaatever.

I have clinical this semester with these juvenile classmates. All semester.. every weekend. BUT I can safely say, there were some people I went to clinical with last semester that I didnt see all weekends sometimes. We are split up in different depts. This semester its the ICU and the Emergency Dept. Should be quite interesting.

I still have yet to instill a fun and exciting urinary cathetar into anyone... would anyone like to volunteer? No? anyone anyone? Bueller??

Okey, thought not. Got an IV into someone though, I felt very achieved after that. My friend S has not gotten one in yet, she keeps blowing the vein :(

I must say that getting the IV in was pretty much luck for me. My nurse kept saying, think light, think light, and poof it worked. Course that was the second stick. The poor patient was in pain and probably wanted to smack me. But I apologized profusely for stabbing her with a huge needle.

Anyhow.. do I feel like a nurse yet? No. But I will. I have heard this 4th semester is going to be a bitch. But it pulls everything together and you feel as if you know what you are doing a lot better in this semester. God help me. LOL.

Well tomorrow going to study group to study for the medication test on Saturday. Now, normally I would blow off study group that is one hour away .. to study for a test I will more than likely pass without studying and when I mean pass, I mean that in the most loose sense of the term. ie I will probably "just" pass. BUT we are going to A's house and A makes the BEST Mexican food. So hello? of course I am going.. free food.. all i can eat :P

OKey done boring you all ..

Have a wonderful day.


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