Friday, September 16, 2005

Graduation and more stuff

I graduate from nursing school in 3 months exactly from this date.

Yes, we did impeach the class president. But she said she wuite before we actually impeached her. eh whatever. So we kind of forgot to factor in we had to do all this work since she had done nothing in the 12 months she was in office.

So we are arranging photographers, ordering invitations, ordering pins, getting the programs organized, etc etc.

Along with the papers, tests, and school requirements for this scary semester. ER, ICU and Cardiac. We are in Cardiac right now. Makes it fun to watch "House"...

"He's in bradycardia"

Give him Atropine! I shout at the TV.. ... and lo and behold.. .in the TV world.. they followed my advice.. course.. they were scripted to.. but it was nice to actually know what they were talking about..and to order the correct medications.. LOL

Hmm.. well and my finances are in the crapper.. but hey .. in 3 months I will be making good money to bail myself out of debt right? Its going to be a little Xmas this year.

I transferred my internship to another hospital. Its closer to my home and with gas being extremely expensive, its a smart move. I can do my clinicals on the weekends and stay to work for an extra 3 or 4 hours on the weekends and make some money without having to leave the building. Nice!

Other than that, its a new school year for the little goobers. The boy has a girlfriend.. hahhaaha .. he showers everyday now.. thats a good thing.. LOL.. Before new girlfriend had to threaten to hose him off in the front yard if he didnt wash off.

The girl is single.. and she is happy so she says.. well there is this guy... she tells me yesterday.. I hope this one turns out better than the last two goofbalsl she has gone out with . The last one she was with is on his second girlfriend of the school year, yeah .. I think they've been back in school all of 3 weeks..*shakes head*

Anyhow.. on the 20th go to get my thyroid checked..well.. i guess its a med check up .. not really my thyroid since my thryoid is all shriveled up.

Oh, and still paying on that lovely $4700 hospital bill.. along with its brother and sister, the $288.00 and $56.00 bill. Yippee.. got a whole family of them..

What ticks me off is that the hospital is so disorganized in their billing. Its really sad. It takes them forever to bill my insurance, bill me, etc I could have filed for Medi-Cal a long time ago to cover the bills if I knew it was this much. Since I am in the poverty level right now. But, they waited until the last possible moment. Now, its too late. After 3 months, its too late.

So, I will be working for the same hospital when I graduate.. I figure they will get it out of me one way or another right? LOL

OKey.. back to the grind.. study study study..


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