Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Hurricane Katrina


My friend that has been missing for a week.. Mike.. turned up today online.. imagine that! After me freaking out for over a week about where his ass was and if he was lying in a ditch somewhere and no one was there to help him, he just casually logs into Yahoo Messenger..


Well after I sent him cyber hugs.. and yellled at him for making me cry.. i was so relieved .. so entirely relieved. His whole area where he lived is under 10 to 15 feet of water. He was looking at the pictures while he was online with me :( horribly horribly sad.

He told me he is in Alabama.. and doing well. The whole 504 area code is out, he couldnt use his phone. He of course had no computer.. so no way to get us messages.. he was at a friends house borrowing his computer for the first time today.

I prayed soooo much .. over and over.. I bargained with him.. altho he doesnt know it.. I said to myself.. I will never ever yell at him again for doing something I consider stupid in our RP Game.. just please be alive.. and please contact someone.. anyone.. I think out of all of our friends, I was the last one to talk to him the Saturday night before the levees broke.. .. *sighs* so now I can't yell at him .. I suppose I can speak tersely at him right? Nooo I still want to hug him and yell at him... I looked for hours and hours at every forum looking for his name.. I listed him as missing.. cried my eyeballs out at all the pictures and stories .. I wish I could have gone.. and helped in the hospitals.. but i have got to finish this semester out so I can help in other ways.

Right now, I am praying for everyone else's families who are still missing loved ones.. and all the families missing their pets.

I've donated for Red Cross and the Animal Rescue and the "Find Snowball" reward.

I wish I was already a nurse.. because I would be down there.. I have 100 more days left of school ..

I plan to give blood on Friday.. everyone cross your fingers that my iron is up ..


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