Sunday, September 11, 2005

People can be such assholes..

So I left early to get to the hospital this morning. I stopped by the grocery store to deposit a check into my acct because its overdrawn. So, figured I'd get some coffee while i was at it. There at the register was some lady talkihg to the checker. The checker was saying.. "Yeah, well I'm not good til I get my6 second cup of coffee" I laughed and said.. yeah me neither.

So then I went and grabbed a water out of the coller thing and the lady turns to me and was like well what are you doing? And I had no idea what she was talking about. She says to me.. well why arent you there where the Hurricane victims are?

I was like.. I'm a student.

She said, "So? you can go there and help they need help."

I said, well I dont graduate until December, I dont have a license.

"Well you could go." said Ms. Know it all.

Meanwhile the checker is standing there staring at me.. I'm like.. can you fucking move? Like ring my stuff up before I slug this lady.

I really dont appreciate people who have no idea what my life is like.. sit back and judge me. This person, if you can call her that, had no idea what my life is like.. I've donated $65 I don't even HAVE to Hurricane victims and their pets..

I donated BLOOD on Friday, even when I went bradycardic (under 60 heart beats per minute is brady, I was 60 when I started giving and shot down after) and was so sick I stayed in bed for the rest of the day.

I have TWO kids that I have NO ONE to help me take to and from school. I HAVE to finish school.. I am going bankrupt.. and someone can sit there and JUDGE me?

Not to mention practicing without a license.. fucking moron.

My question to her is.. WHY aren't YOU there?

So then .. after the lady finally leaves.. the checker turns to me and says... "Is nursing school hard?"

Fucking morons.

No, its easy.. thats why everyone is a nurse.

Fucking morons.


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