Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Raining.. in So Cal

So here I am .. middle of desert in California.. and yes.. thunderstorm.. which I of course think is awesome.. however, no one can drive.

Well .. the truth .. we dont have seasons here.. Its warm, hot, and jeeezus christ.. I've found hell... and its here..

So, it rains a little and people panic.

They drive their kids to school cause they are afraid the kid might get wet. What the hell happened to .. "It's raining!!! yayaay" splash splash puddle puddle.. off to the bus stop..

So, I took my kid to school today .. but I drive her everyday... cause.. I dont want my kid to be abducted... so .. of course.. everyone elses parent drove them.. if you can call it driving.. to school as well..

They are all on their phones, not loooking where they are going.. and bascially a bunch of fuckwads at large..

My favorite is when you are trying to turn right and they keep moving forward so you can't see beyond the front of their BMW ..and you hope a big trash truck will come by and rip off the front of their car.. muhuwahahhah

I hate people on cell phones when they obviously can't drive, the ones who chat in the toilet, or are in the classroom on the phone..

Trust me people, you are NOT that important that you can't take a shit without the phone stuck to your ear.


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