Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Scary thing..

So Saturdya night, next door neighbors having a party .. *sighs* and Sunday morning i have to get up at 5:30 am. But I go to bed relatively early, hey I have children, i can sleep through anything right?

Fell asleep, .. no problem.. up at 5:30 went to the hospital.

Got home... S asks me.. hey .. was the News crew out there when you left this morning? I was like.. umm.. no.. why do you ask? He said because they knocked on the door about 7:30 am this morning.. apparently some kid was shot and died out front this morning.


So I figured.. naaaah they have the wrong street. We dont live on the wrong side of town.. they made a mistake.

He said the news guys said it was on this street in this block. So, then he went ont to say it was at 6 am. Okey I left at 6:15 am .. so now even more freaked.

We stayed up and watched the news Sunday night. Sure enough, kid was shot, "found" shot, in the middle of our street Sunday at 12:30 am, not 6:00 am. Which is still freaky, because the kid was pretty much shot in the middle of the street almost directly in front of our house.

I didnt hear it, the music from the party was up too loud. S had been complaining to the cops since 11 pm, and they were too busy to come out to tell them to turn the music down. Well gee now a kid is dead. Granted, I'm sure the cops were busy .. but the dispatchers lately have been really bitchy about when people in our neighborhood call to complain about party noise. Like we are just supposed to deal with it. Well, when some of us work.. and have to get up early .. and arent complete fuckheads with an attitude.. then yes, I do expect someone to come out and tlel them to turn it down. I'd like to reiterate.. I do not live in a bad neighborhood.

We do however have next door neighbors that I believe are actually two familes living in that house and they have kids.. kids throw parties.. usually their parties are family oriented with cake.. carne asada (yum) and beer ... music loud... etc...

I dont know if the kid who was shot was at the party .. or was at the house kitty corner from us.. cause.. okey now those individuals are a bit... shady... so yeah I suppose it could be gang related.. or drug related..

It was just a bit shocking to see it on the News.. the camera caught our house... . just weird.

Then I felt bad for this kid's mother. The 18 yr old male was shot, found shot, so no witnesses, they took him to the hospital where he later died.

Very sad.. what a waste.


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