Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Thyroid update

Cuz I know everyone is waiting with bated breath .. hahahah

OK.. so doctor says... you know what I'm going to ask you arent you?

I said.. *sighs*

He said.. How in the world did you gain 12 pounds in 3 months?

I'm like.. ummmmm

Pick one... stress, sedentary study lifestyle, I'm tired, fatigued, I eat like crap, I dont have a thyroid function.. even tho you say those labs are correct.. I think they lie..

Soooo he said.. okey well then .. I want you to do some cardio... walking.. treadmill... jogging.. etc etc..

I was like.. ok .. I have a treadmill.

He's like.. umm you have a treadmill and you dont use it because?

refer to above answer as to why I gained the 12 pounds in the first place.

Sooooo long story short..

He wants me on the treadmill for 30 mins a day... and to start Weight Watchers.. in in return he changed my medication to the Armor thyroid replacement that has both T3 and T4 in it.

Then in 3 months I go back and we check out how I'm doing.

So.. he said.. you arent taking that Beta Blocker anymore are you? I said.. nope.. he said good.. so just hte birth control and the Synthroid.. and I said.. weeeeeelll bout that birth control pill.

He said.. oh do you want another baby?

I said.. ummm no

He said.. weeeeeeeell?

OKey .. so back on birth control pills.

Now you all know where I'm at.. :P

More than you wanted to know bout me ...



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