Saturday, October 15, 2005

Less than 2 months to go!

I've made it through a paper which I got an 80 percent on... (blah) and I've made it through one test, a respectable 85, and now I await the score of the second test. Which I'm hoping will be another 85-ish.

Have to work on a huge Community Health paper.. not exactly looking forward to. My last paper my instructor gave me an 80 on. I had worked pretty hard on it I thought, but apparently I didnt explain the assessment well enough or something. NO idea.

So have been working in ICU for school the past two weekends. I really like it, although its quite scary to have patients on ventilators. Have to be able to deal well with death to be working there it seems.

My nurse today said I was a bit "apprehensive" when I was doing things with the patient. But then she said that was good and for a while, I will be apprehensive because I'm new. At any rate, she said I did well, and I am happy with that.

Still dont know what dept I want to work in. I am leaning toward NICU, but having second thoughts on the hospital I want to work for. The other hospital I consider working for does not have a Neonatal dept. or a real pediatric dept either. It has a small pediatric/Med Surg unit on one of the floors. Those nurses were great and never had a complaint at all from them or about them.

So, I'm still at the .. "have no idea stage" I have to make up my mind pretty soon though. Cause i have to interview for the position early. There are 63 students graduating in December so there will be some competition for the positions.

Then I have to fill out my application to take the NCLEX boards soon as well. Scary scary.

Anyhow.. working on life.. stuff.. etc..

Lost bout 4 pounds.. in 3 weeks, not too bad... I think I've gained some muscle as well. woot woot. Piggy thyroid seems to be working on my moodage and my fatigue too. So I think I'm doing quite alright :D

Sunday, October 02, 2005

The wonderful world of weight

OKey so its been ... almost two weeks since I've been Weight Watchers and doing treadmill Monday thru Friday... and I feel... better.. :D Yayyyyyy!

I've also been taking the piggy thyroid.. :P I crack up at that.. yes its kinda gross.. pig thryoid.. but hey .. obviously they didnt need it anymore.. and I do ... so .. my mood hasnt changed that much .. but its only been two weeks.. they say it takes like 3 to 4 for the thyroid to start really getting in there. So they say.. we'll see..

I'm still rather hopeless at school right now.. I dropped my arrhythmias class because it was a class i didnt really need. It was also another night I had to go to school.. so instead I will study at home.

Other than that.. I made a Yahoo 360 blog page.. I find it a bit more friendly than here for two reasons.. one I have more friends from my RPG game on that blog who comment and steal stuff from my blog.. LOL.. and number two .. its more friendly for me to post pictures.. etc.. this blog site I havent ever gotten the hang of it.. or changing the colors or anything on this blog.. so I suppose I will be posting over there more..

But will try to keep this one for a while.

thats me.. if you are looking..