Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Okay I know its been MONTHS since my last post... blah .. Hmmm lets see.

I passed nursing school... although I was not too sure I could do it.. eeep
I got hired for the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the hospital but havent been able to start yet because the State hasnt sent me paperwork for my Interim Permit.. which at this point is okay .. because.. I need some time off before I start doing something else.

But I really need to get the paperwork to sign up for my test date.. for the good ole Licensing Boards... ack ... yes.... must not only pass nursing school but have to pass a test with random scary multiple choice questions... bah

All my previous classmates are signed up ...

I will call if I dont get that paperwork darn soon .... because of course.. they have already cashed the check... bastards.. :P

Girl is fine... got back together with one of her beaus.. and he dumped her .. again... do we EVER learn? I think not.

Boy is making me crazy .. I am sorry I didnt write some of his exploits on here... basically .. found cigarettes on him.. and been rumored that he was with some kids who were drinking beer. Of course I have flashbacks to my own childhood and I think ... hmm.. they are going to blame the mother on this one aren't they?

Because I had so much to do this semester.. and little time for him ... so obviously its my fault.. well blah ..

Now Scott wants me to "talk" to the Boy about the hair tonight.. and how it needs to stay out of his eyes.. or it gets cut off...blah ..

I'm going to hate the teenage years I can tell you already .... Scott and the Boy are probably going to have some lovely fights.. and I cant' stand fighting..all that PTSD crap makes me nervous and anxious around fighting.. but... hey .. maybe we can get a good rate at family therapy.. :P

So basically .. I'm catching up on a lot of reading I've missed in the last.. 3 years since I've gone to school fulltime... I havent done too much yet.. but enjoyed what I have so far.

Taking it easy on the RPG front... been spending too much time online with people from there.. and need to step away.

So... treadmill.. hahaha... yes.. back on it.. I was doing really well with the Weight Watchers and treadmill for a while.. till I got too stressed out near the end of the semester.. and gained everything back and didnt exercise...

Now my doctor is going to kill me .. cause.. I ran out of my piggy thyroid prescription and started taking the Synthroid again .. which has made me a basket case... teary all the time.. and freeezing my ass off... so ... will have to call his office.. but not go in .. because Blue Cross dumped me. Well okay .. things have been kind of whacko here and I forgot to pay the premium and they canceled me..so now.. I have all this Synthroid.. *sighs* ...but .. no piggy thryoid meds... which I need.

Why do I set myself up for failure? I dunno.. but I have just noticed the pattern... setting bills aside.. forgetting to pay them on time... cancelled insurance.. screwed up health... not taking care of myself.. eating everything thats wrong.... BLAH ..

So.. back on Weight Watchers and treadmill 30 minutes a day.. I'm pretty sure it wont kill me.. but .. might wanna poke me every once in a while to make sure.. :P

Also will be studying for the NCLEX Boards.. I have every NCLEX review book out there... I think.. and I also bought a neonatal book .. I need to keep up on things and get ready for the licensing board test.. nervous....

If I fail .. I have to wait another 45 days to take it again .. AND they yank my Interim permit so I can't work... :( Yeah ... so bit nervous there..

okay .. nough gabbing... hope all are well...


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Blogger El Doc said...

Interesting that your blog has the same template as mine, sweet angel... Done too much posting lately that had left this one unattended? LOL!

See you! *blows you kisses*

~ El Doc

2:06 PM  

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